1 Mar 2010

Ruscombe Valley Action Group relaunch?

Many locals will remember we have had the Ruscombe Valley Action Group working to protect the valley - we have still been meeting but not as often. Now with the latest moves by the District Council in response to Government targets for evermore housing we are under threat again - see my blog here and here.

We will be holding a meeting tomorrow - Tuesday March 2nd - in Whiteshill Village Hall at 8pm. We are not aiming for it to be a long meeting so please do try to come.

Housing is needed (see my recent blog here) but I'm not convinced of the process set up or how it is being managed. Anyhow a consultation is under way and we will set out the consultation document and the options being put to us - aiming to ensure everyone understands the implications of each option and how to respond to the consultation.

There is also a "road show" on Saturday March 13th at the Sub Rooms put on by SDC to show the public what the options are and it would be good if many of us could also go to this.

The deadline for the consultation is March 22nd. The more responses SDC have the better These documents are available on line also - see here:

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