1 Mar 2010

Jonathon Porritt in town on Thursday

Jonathon Porritt (Founder Director, Forum for the Future), Martin Whiteside (Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Stroud constituency) and local activist Rhiannon Colvin will speak on Thursday, March 4th at 7.30 at the Subscription Rooms in Stroud.

The topic for the evening is 'What Would A Sustainable Future Look Like?' Jonathon Porrit will open the meeting, followed by young activist Rhiannon Colvin, and Martin will round off the speeches by concentrating on both the local and international aspects of the subject. The panel will then take questions. Admission is free (though donations to the local Green Party fighting fund would be welcome).

Porritt is a committed environmentalist who long been a Green party member who writes regularly for the media in magazines, newspapers and books and often appears on radio and television. He published his first book, ‘Seeing Green’, in 1984 and was Director of Friends of the Earth until 1990. With Sarah Parkin and Paul Ekins he founded Forum for the Future in 1996, a sustainable development charity. In 1997 he was appointed the inaugural Chair of the incoming Labour government's Sustainable Development Commission from which he retired in September 2009. Currently he acts as advisor to many bodies on environmental matters, as well as to individuals including Prince Charles and Stuart Rose, the chief executive of Marks & Spencer, advising on that company's forward strategy.

See Jonathons blog here: www.jonathonporritt.com/pages/

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