27 Feb 2010

Guest Blog: Whiteshill and Ruscombe Pancake races

My report on the recent pancake races is here with photos - but below is the official report with the official results, just published, written by organiser, Tracey Brian. Thanks again to her for all the work and of course the Village Shop for all their support and delicious pancakes.

Photos: me running with twisted ankle now nearly repaired (I hope) and below Juniors race participants and the gents race photo call at the bottom.

The Results !!! Sat 13/02/10 Whiteshill Playing Field

Whilst Team GB were preparing for the 1st day of the Winter Olympics in Canada, there we all were – gathered on a cold February morning on the playing field in Whiteshill, frying pan in hand, limbering up for what has become a major part of the social / sporting calendar for the area. We started with 18 children and their sporting adults, with more arriving during the races.

The weather was a sharp contrast to last year’s race day when we were virtually sunbathing, but at least we were free from the snow and ice that we had become accustomed to this year and at least the sun did emerge later on.

Photographers from both the Stroud News & Journal and the Citizen arrived to capture the event for posterity and we forgave the television companies lack of attendance since their attention was more focused on the other great athletes across the sea.

The juniors set the standard with their race – won by 8yr old Daisy Mason of Whiteshill.!

Not to be outdone by the neighbouring village, 5 year old Alex Vale of Ruscombe won the infants race, with the only girl – Whiteshill’s 5yr old Ella Clissold coming a respectable 3rd.

A couple of youngsters drop out – possibly concerned about the serious competition, but the Infants gamely agreed to join 4yr old Alfie Selway in the Pre-school race. However the swift-footed Alfie from Ebley was always the favourite to win this race. Possibly due to a “handicap” being imposed upon the Infants who had to hop and jump as well as running and tossing their pancakes

Then it was time for the race that everyone had been waiting for – the adult men. Well, what can we say – the rules had to be repeated several times – if only to ensure no injuries were incurred via foul play and the fact that they are the biggest cheats out (allegedly). One gentleman, who shall remain nameless, but has an affinity with the colour green (sorry Philip!!), even tried to obtain an unfair advantage by claiming an ankle injury (no sick note was forthcoming though !). Competition was fierce and the fame of these annual races had not only reached Tuffley but had spread as far as the great metropolis of Oxford ! Needles to say winning Ruscombe runner and flipper – Russell Vale, soon put pay to foreign competition and sent his brother limping back to Oxford after thrashing him intro 4th place!

Not to be outdone, the ladies then lined up on the starting line, armed with their frying pans and were soon flipping and racing across the football pitch in search of glory. Gents beware, they looked a mean bunch and brandished their pans in a most menacingly manner! At the other end, Kate Selby came out triumphant and unscathed.

The races were followed by presentation of the certificates and prizes and photo-shoot.

Multi-tasker Angie Mason (Mrs Mason to her friends!!) turned lineswoman and photographer for the event – so many thanks to her.

Thanks also to the friends and families who turned up on a cold morning to support the races and enjoy pre and post-race pancakes and other delights in the cosy village shop.

The event would not be possible without the wonderful village shop volunteers led by Mary Watkins who not only provided “racing pancakes” but produced pancakes with delicious fillings, cakes, snacks and drinks. They were certainly kept busy by the race participants and supporters.

We all now look forward to the Easter event at the shop and of course have only 2 years to prepare for the Pancake Olympics in 2012.

Infants race
1st = Alex Vale (5yrs)
2nd = Nathan Martin (6yrs)
3rd = Ella Clissold (5yrs)
4th = Joe Mason (5yrs)

Ladies race
1st = Kate Selby
2nd = Caroline Vale
3rd = Angie Mason

Juniors race
1st = Daisy Mason (9yrs)
2nd = Lisa Christensen (9yrs)
3rd = Grace Briggs (9yrs)

Pre-school race
1st = Alfie Selway (4yrs)
With a very big thank-you to the “Infants” who joined in with Alfie & gamely hopped & jumped to make it a bit fairer for our pre-schooler !!

Gents race
1st = Russell Vale
2nd = Adam Martin
3rd = Philip Booth
4th = Duncan Vale

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