16 Feb 2010

The Great pancake races of Whiteshill and Ruscombe 2010

Well Saturday saw an elite band of enthusiastic pancake racers - after last years' huge success - see here - I was expecting more folk to join the event - however it was bitterly cold and a 9.30 start.....

Photos; Pancake making, me in the race, some of the children and organiser Tracey announcing the winners and presenting certificates

Nevertheless a good crowd of folk assembled first in the warmth of the village shop - and indeed sampled some of the pancakes before going outside.

The childrens races kicked us off with rules to toss the pancake so many times - then it was time for the adults - a double run of the width of the playing field - I got off to a terrible start when my pancake missed the pan - but then I was able to storm on and catch up those in the lead - coming in a respectable third - out of four!

Don't forget I have a twisted ankle and doctors advice is 'no impact sport' - I have been assured by the organisers that there would be no impact - well bar the odd pancake going astray....

It was a great morning and good to chat to folk - big thanks to Tracey for organising it all.

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