21 Feb 2009

The Great Pancake Races of Whiteshill and Ruscombe 2009

Participants started to assemble well before 11am today for the great pancake races on the Playing Field.

Huge thanks must go to all at the Village Shop who were hard at work making pancakes all morning - a bargain at only 50p each - but also huge thanks to Tracey who organised the races - publicising them and getting the children grouped by different ages - plus starting them off and awarding prizes and certificates. Great stuff indeed - and wow was the weather wonderful - Spring is here?

You'll see from the photos it was all a serious business - many childrens races and two adult races - but adults had to face many children grabbing legs, arms, coats and even trying to catch their pancakes as they tossed them - you will be disappointed to know that all this meant your local District councillor only came in at fourth place....

I also have to report being shocked by tactics in some of the other races - one parent lifted their child into winning position while one child had their pancake swiped by another, some didn't toss pancakes while running and some didn't go all the way to the end - all this was met with laughter rather than the outrage it deserved - there is no accounting for some local residents.

Anyhow you'll see from this photo my particularly good style (on the left) at pancake racing - I will be training hard over the next year - and no doubt even more will be participating next year as this grows into a great regular local event. Thanks again to all who made it happen.

Results now available from Tracey:

Results of the Pancake races held on Sat 21/02/09

Older kids (1) Older kids (2)
1st = Hannah Simpson (12yrs) 1st = William Smy (10yrs)
2nd = Paige Telling (12.5yrs) 2nd = Paige Telling (12.5yrs)
3rd = Hannah Simpson (12yrs)
4th = Lisa Christensen (8yrs)

Younger kids (1) Younger kids (2)
1st = Helena Gardner (6yrs) 1st = Alex Vale (4yrs)
2nd = Alex Vale (4yrs) 2nd = Thomas Slater (6yrs)
3rd = Thomas Slater (6yrs) 3rd = Helena Gardner (6yrs)

Younger kids (3)
1st = Ben Bullock (7yrs)
2nd = Thomas Slater (6yrs)
3rd = Felix Slater (4yrs))

Also rans in the younger kids races:-
Mia Bedwell (6yrs)
Ami Bedwell (4yrs)
Piers Gardner (4yrs)
Emma Smith (4yrs)
Finn Pizzey (6yrs)
Kiera Slater (4yrs)
Helena Smy (5yrs)
Maddie Taylor (4yrs)
Alex Clissold (babe in arms !)

And lets not forget the participants in the Adult races:-

Jane Augsberger Rosie Augsbeger Jessica Bedwell Chris Brian Philip Booth Debbie Bullock Darren Clissold Karen Clissold Claire Deacon Chris Gardner Sue Gardner Jo Jowett Andy Slater Jenny Slater Cliff Smith Caroline Vale Russell Vale Sarah Walker Mark Taylor



Tracey said...

Philip - thanks for the entry on the site re the Great Pancake Races !! Also for turning up & racing - along with so many local residents & children.
A big THANK-YOU to Mary & her team of volunteers at the shop for making the racing pancakes as well as the eating ones. They went quickly as the hungry racers descended on the village shop - I was lucky to get the last one (yummy).
Thanks to everyone who turned up & made the morning such fun - great community spirit. And as the organiser of the races, I really can't comment on the various dirty tactics.......

Rachel Cotterill said...

I've uploaded a few blurry photos, mostly from the adults race, on my blog