20 Dec 2009

Hedgehog Hospital website

Well regular blog readers will remember several blogs earlier in the year regarding the new Hedgehog Hospital in Brimscombe - well their website is progressing and recently had lots more info added to it: www.helpahedgehog.org/

Photo: Hamish at the Hospital

There is also a new car sticker which you can buy for £2. I think Annie has 15 hogs at the moment - and is also working with pupils from Thomas Keble Secondary School - they are creating a questionnaire mapping sightings of hedgehogs in Gloucestershire. Most of the pupils had never come face to face with a hedgehog before. This is perhaps not so surprising as figures show hedgehogs are dying out at a rate of about a fifth of the population every four years: if this continues there will be no more hedgehogs by 2025!

See my visit to Hedgehog Hospital here and more info here and bonfire alert here.

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