29 Aug 2009

Hedgehog Hospital is getting ready for Autumn

On Friday - ie yesterday - I had the pleasure of visiting the Hedgehog Hospital in Brimscombe.

Photos are from that visit: first up Annie Parfitt, described as 'Hog Mother', then a couple of shots of shed one waiting for the first hoglet orphans, injured or underweight this Autumn and lastly two photos of injured Hedgehog Ash.

You can see most of the SNJ article about the hospital here along with a couple of useful links - including one that shows the dreadful situation that means at current rates there will be no more hedgehogs by 2025 - shockingly they are dying out at a rate of about a fifth of the population every four years.

This project looks set to really make a difference - already it has increased my awareness about the plight of these wonderful creatures - and in my conversations about how to support the Hospital many ideas were discussed like surveys of the area, encouraging more hedgehog friendly gardens etc - more of those no doubt in future blogs - especially in October when the time comes to look out for the underweight hoglets who shouldn't be out - come back to this blog mid to late October for more info on what to do and how the Hospital with Annie and her volunteers can help.

Mind if you are at a loss at what to do in the last days of school holidays then why not consider making a hedgehog home - lots of info on the web - like the British Hedgehog Preservation Society here - and the BBC site here about siting the house, and home building advice here.

Anyhow if you are on Facebook you can join their site here - I can't say I have ever got going with Facebook - I have a site but never really add to it - but did try for the first time and add these photos but have so far failed to link them to the Facebook group - I'll have another go or send them direct to the Hedgehog Hospital. Anyway enough for now congrats to all involved in the project for getting it to happen.

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