9 Oct 2009

Willow Elfins make beehouses

This blog has been full of stuff re bees - these pics are from the Willow Elfin group last week when we made bee houses - we added 32 towards the target of 350 by 24th October - I have heard this evening we have now reached 242 - see here about all that and why 350 is important and also a link to another of my blog posts about how make bee houses.

In the photos below you'll see parents and children making the beehouses by tying together dried cow parsley stems and bamboo canes then wrapping in cloth to protect from frost then adding a wooden lid to help keep dry.

The beehouses can then be hung up in a hedge or perhaps a fruit tree. The link at the top of this post goes to a blog entry on how to make bee houses in logs.

Lastly in these photos are some ones of the kids learning to dance like a bee! I have got a video but at the moment it is not compatible with my Mac so I can't download - but hopefully will soon!

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