28 Oct 2009

Waste week: Parish councillors meeting in Whiteshill

Three events for next week:

3rd Nov. 7.00 p.m. “Effects of waste incineration and alternative technology available.” at Whiteshill & Ruscombe Village Hall, The Plain, Whiteshill, Stroud is an event for Parish councillors - sadly I have a long standing commitment so I have been unable to take up the offer of chairing this event.

Dr Simon Pickering, a former Green District councillor has agreed to be the Chair. Claire Sheriden Gloucestershire Vale against Incineration (GlosVAIN- representing 12 Parish Councils) will introduce then John Beatty (Gloucestershire , Safety in Waste and Rubbish Disposal, SWARD & UKWIN) will talk on Incineration and its effects followed by Mary Newton (Glos Friends of the Earth Network) on Incineration and the alternatives are holding a presentation for Parish Councils on Tuesday 3rd November to:

• highlight the health, environmental and financial impact that this technology would have on the people of Gloucestershire, and
• outline some methods of dealing with waste that do not involve incineration, and
• enable you to ask questions and express your views.

6th Nov. Signing of the Pledge and Petition being organised by Glos Friends of the Earth Network on the steps of Shire Hall at 11ish.

7th Nov. Cycle day - see above poster for this event.

Remember also the Waste Site consultation out now - see here.

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