29 Oct 2009

Bee photo exhibition

This blog has seen plenty on bees - like last weekend's successful efforts to get 350 beehouses made here in Stroud - see latest here.

Cartoon: from Russ - his take on bees and

Well this blog is to advertise the Foto Forum Photography Exhibition in the Sub Rooms - only until Saturday - and the pics below are from the exhibition - one section by Margaret Lister is on bee keeping - worth a visit - also great pics of cheese making and a very moving pic of a dead deer - beautifully portrayed by Carlos Ordonez.

Meanwhile below here are a couple of interesting articles on bees:

Organic beekeeping in the US - from urban rooftops to backyard hives, the world is abuzz with interest in homemade honey. An interview in Grist with the former president of the Vermont Beekeepers Association, Ross Conrad. He’s sold bee stuff and led organic beekeeping workshops throughout North America for many years. See article here about pesticides and more.

Honey is not made toxic in hot water - see here.

Agri-chemical companies are both breeding and killing bees - See here my blog a few days ago on this.

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