17 Oct 2009

Sustain: art exhibition delights

I've just been to this exhibition - great stuff - a 'diverse Selling Exhibition of exceptional Contemporary Crafts, working to support communities and the environment' - today and tomorrow 10 to 5 at The Space in Stroud.

The advert says 'from funky tyre bags, fashion and hand bound books to extraordinary recycled creatures, there is something for everybody here.' This is all quality stuff - recycling at it's best!

Work by: Julie Arkell -Figures (see third photo of reindeer), Beaucoco - Jewellery, Edwina Bridgeman - Assemblages (see figures left in last photo), Sarah Cooke - Accessories, Penny Leaver Green - Pictures, Rachel Hazell - Bookbinding, Little Wren House Factory - Decorative Objects (see great figures in photo two), Cleo Mussi - Mosaics (see last photo), Re-Collect- Fashion Accessories, Dorothy Reglar - Garments.

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