17 Oct 2009

Chopin in Randwick

The Harvest Festival for the school was yesterday at Randwick church - all the children carrying produce in then a host of songs which parents and others joined in with - that evening I was back in Randwick and extremely lucky to get the last tickets for 'The Last Ballade' - this is the story of Frederick Chopin and George Sand - a play with music written and performed by Michael Lunts (see pics) who was in Randwick last year as well - that time for 'Home Service'.

Here's what is written about the play: "'The Last Ballade' is a drama with live music about the stormy end to one of the great romantic relationships, that between Frederick Chopin and the novelist and 'femme fatale' George Sand. Set in Nohant, George Sand's country estate, and in Paris, the unfolding drama takes place against the background of some of the composer's most profound and original music, which was written at this time, under Sand's influence. The F minor Ballade for instance, is played live as part of the action, a musical echo of the real life 'ballade' of Chopin's final break with his great love and muse." See more at Michael Lunt's website here.

It was indeed wonderful to hear the music - fantastic quality performance and production here in our village - brilliant - and all the music with no score - and it was a sell out - no room to move - must have been close to a 100 people - a great social occasion - with a longer interval for cake ( yum) and drinks and chat - very nice indeed and money raised is to go towards the hall - big big thanks to the Randwick Historical Society and any others for putting this event on.

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