31 Oct 2009

Ruscombe photographer exhibits

Last night I was delighted to attend the opening of an exhibition of five local photographers in The Space - "Made To Look" - including Mike Gallagher, a Ruscombe resident - well worth a look before it closes on Thursday.

Photos: Pics from preview incl Rainy Stroud by Mike and great one of this 90plus year old guy from one of the other photographers

I really enjoyed seeing this quality work - always like Henri Kyriacou's work - well the stuff I've seen so far - this was a little different to her previous work like the wonderful Middle Street garage - see links to that here. Anyhow here's how the advert describes the artists:

John Daniell: Film and digital monochrome and colour photography. Mainly interested in light, atmosphereand patterns in landscape and seascape. Also expert in stereo photography.

David Murray: Traditional monochrome silverprint photography with a particular emphasis on toning. Local Landscapes and portraits.An obsessive interest in the transfiguring effects of light.

Henri Kyriacou:
Film and digitalcolour and monochrome photography, interested in people and their environment.

Gary Canning: Digital colour and monochrome photography. Has a vast stock of railway photography but produces an eclectic body of work.

Mike Gallagher:
Digital colour and monochrome photography. Photoartistry if you like. Loves the Cotswolds.

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