23 Oct 2009

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Needed

If you are interested in becoming the Neighbourhood Co-ordinator for the Middle Spring Ruscombe area please contact Stroud Police Station on 07734 068276. We have a network of other coordinators in the area but this vacancy is about to occur.

The photo is of one of the many motorbikes that have taken to trying out in the valley and across the fields. Now I usually take a pretty tolerant view to a little bit of noise but it has been reported to me that these bikes are using the fields several times a day - sometimes for over an hour. I've missed this but want to remind folk the Police have asked to be informed if this occurs and they have already been out on occasions to tackle the behaviour.

I personally would love to see the Neighbourhood Watch Schemes become more like Neighbourhood Care schemes that look out more for the less able or more vulnerable in our communities.....certainly that is part of their role.

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