21 Oct 2009

Most people ever in Stroud FM

Here is a plug for our local radio station Stroud FM - tune in at:

Well a couple of weeks ago our local Woodcraft Folk group went along to talk on air about 'Woodies' - we did just that and even sang a couple of Woodcraft songs - with over 30 children and adults in the tiny studio we reckon we hold the record for the most people in that studio - you can read more about Woodies in this post here.

We also managed to talk about our plans for this Saturday when we will plant 350 trees at Thistledown near Nailsworth as part of the 350 Climate Change day - more on that soon - and also a new event in Stroud High Street - see here.

I also got a plug into the radio show after our bit about Woodies about the launch of the energy monitors in local libraries - see here.

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