1 Sep 2009

Support Norwegian Greens

Norvegian EGP Member Party, Miljøpartiet De Grønne (MDG), is asking for help in the last days before the Norwegian national elections which will take place on 14th of September. The state founded media are denying them media coverage, making it practically impossible to make their voice heard on television. Without all parties, including the Norwegian Greens, being able to fairly reach the voters, democracy is undermined - indeed it would appear to clearly go against the European Court ruling. My partner is Norwegian and when visiting Norway I have met Greens there - it is time their voices were heard - it would be great if others would consider supporting this...

They have created a Web Page where we can express our solidarity with them:

A more detailed explanation of the situation can be found in the note that follows from Hanna E. Marcussen, Co-Spokesperson of the Norwegian Greens.

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