31 Aug 2009

Energy Neighbourhoods party!

Randwick Village Hall, with it's top eco-credentials, was picked as the venue for the 'Energy Neighbourhoods' closing party.

The party on Sunday 23rd August had exhibitions from local environmental organisations, talks, a hog roast and veggie option and even a bicycle powered smoothie maker and a bicycle powered art generator. David Drew was among the guests.

Photos: I've enclosed some photos I took of the event including the bicycle powered art and juice maker plus 'Wrap-n-mat' which intrigued me - instead of plastic bags for your sandwiches to take to work or wherever, here is a washable cloth - nearly tempted but I keep all those old plastic pasta bags, paper flour bags and more for mine - they work wonderfully and intrigue my work colleagues!

Energy Neighbourhoods is an EU-wide project to make energy saving at home by education and behavioral change. A number of teams took part in Gloucestershire with some impressive results (savings of 15% or more in some cases). This shows that savings of at least 10% in home energy use are pretty easy to acheive and with a little more effort and determination much higher savings can be made in many cases.

Exciting stuff - the challenge is how we get this out to a wider audience.

See more at: http://www.swea.co.uk/proj_EnergyNEI

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