15 Sep 2009

New Transition books coming soon

The Transition Handbook and the imminent "Local Food - making it happen in your community" owe their success to many Transition groups around the country.

Photo: Chris Bird talking to Dave Cockcroft in Stroud

Now two new books are on the way and info is being sought from Transitioners around the country: "Sustainable Housing" and "Working with your local Council". If you think you might be able to shape these books, either by contributing content or by stating what you need the books to cover, please go to the following questionnaires:

Sustainable housing
Working with your local Council

Chris Bird, who is writing the first of these with Rob Hopkins was in Stroud at the weekend to interview a whole collection of folk for the book: 'Sustainable Housing - how to make it happen in your community'. He picked the right weekend as it was Open Homes and I had the chance to share with him thoughts about the project and other local happenings.

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