30 Sep 2009

Lib Dems not so eco?

Nick Clegg was claiming in the IoS that his is the eco-party. See Caroline Lucas' article in the Indy here. I do have to note delight that Lib Dems are talking Green, but there track record is still poor - very poor - as Caroline points out.

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Also as most people now know, being Green isn't just about the environment - it never has been – it's about social and economic justice too. Nick Clegg's call for "savage cuts" in public spending, and his pronouncements on tuition fees and child benefits will therefore do little to endear him to Green voters. It seems Lib Dems are no sure whether they are after the Tory voters or the Labour ones?

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Jo Anglezarke said...

The Lib Dems attempt to please everyone and achieve nothing as a result.