29 Sep 2009

Energy Monitors come to Glos libraries

I am delighted to say that this project to see energy monitors in Glos libraries, that I initiated, is finally set to launch today. See my previous comments here. I enclose the County's press release below which interestingly has forgotten to mention Transition Stroud's role in initiating this project.

A pity as I think it would benefit the County to show that they are working with local groups - and of course encourage those of us in Transition Stroud to develop further projects. Anyhow below is their press release plus the comment from me not used.

What’s crunching on your kilowatts?

Gloucestershire’s libraries are giving customers the chance to ‘go green’ and save some cash by exposing the energy guzzlers in their homes.

Monitors that allow you to measure the amount of energy that your appliances use will soon be available to borrow from nine of the county’s libraries. These can help to both reduce energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions. You can borrow a meter pack free of charge for up to three weeks in the same way as you might borrow a book, DVD or CD. You will need to put down a deposit of £5 which you will get back when you return the monitor. The pack includes a single appliance power saver monitor, information about the project and energy saving tips and activities.

This six-month pilot project is being run by Severn Wye Energy Agency (SWEA), who will supply the monitors, in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council’s Libraries & Information. It is being funded by the Gloucestershire Environment Partnership and district councils.

Five monitors will be available for loan at each of the libraries - Stroud, Nailsworth, Stonehouse, Dursley, Cirencester,Tewkesbury,Cheltenham, Quedgeley and Lydney. There will a launch event at each library with a display stand and a representative from SWEA to show customers how to get the best out of the energy monitors.

TewkesburyLibrary: September 29th,10am to 12pm
Nailsworth Library: September 30th,10.30am to 12.30pm
CheltenhamLibrary: September 30th,1.30pm to 3.30pm.
Stroud Library: October 2nd,10am to 12pm
Dursley Library: October 2nd,2pm to 4pm.
Quedgeley Library: October 6th,10am to 12pm.
Cirencester Library: October 6th,2.30pm to 4.30pm.
Lydney Library: October 9th,10am to 12pm.
Another launch is planned for Stonehouse library but a date has not yet been set.

A SWEA spokesman said: “These monitors are simple to use and can help customers to manage their electricity consumption and reduce their bills. When people realise how much money certain appliances and actions are costing them, it often encourages them to use less electricity. You can measure the energy consumption of your whole house at any one point or use the power saver to measure single appliances. This can show you how many units your appliances are using and how many they should be using, so you know if they need to be replaced.”

Cllr Antonia Noble, Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet member for libraries, said: “What a great idea – giving customers the opportunity to reduce their energy bills and be greener when they pop in to borrow a book or DVD. I’m sure this project will capture people’s imaginations and that they will be surprised at how much energy some appliances use – I would certainly like to give it a go!”

For more information, go to www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/libraries/energy and www.swea.co.uk

Philip Booth, a member of Transition Stroud, who initiated the idea of Energy Monitors in Gloucestershire libraries, said: "I am delighted that Gloucestershire County Council and SWEA are supporting this project. Energy monitors offer people a way to become more aware of their energy use and any energy-guzzlers in their homes. Research indicates this is successful in helping people cut their electricity bills and CO2 emissions."

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