25 Aug 2009

Randwick: vandalism and petty theft incidents

As Runner readers will know there have been a number of incidents of vandalism and theft recently in Randwick - minor but still cause for concern. These have been raised at the recent Randwick Parish Council meeting - I unfortunately had a Scrutiny meeting that night so was unable to attend but did speak to councillors and local police. It is good that these incidents are being taken seriously.

Quote: From Resurgence magazine - as research shows crime rates are falling but fear of crime remains high - see here.

One residents noted that "in recent weeks I have seen reports of fires affecting the cattle, thefts of toys and other items in the village, vandalism at the Village School and have suffered acts of vandalism and arson to trees" in a field. The resident went onto note that "the latter also being the location of several discovered stolen items and evidence of solvent abuse. It seems we are in the middle of a spate of criminal activity that although probably the work of a handful of people is affecting many throughout the village. I do not want to see the Village School turned into a fortress, nor think people should be forced to lock everything away in their gardens at night. These selfish and petty acts do not have to be a part of life if the community can act to stop these people."

There have also been reports of youths taking drugs by the Randwick tributary and leaving some of their paraphernalia on one occasion. I hope this is an isolated incident.

Plus of course this year we have seen the major damage and rubbish left following the tobbogganning on local hills. However generally we have had very low crime figures in this area.

It is also worth mentioning Ruscombe as this year there has been more use of those fields at the end of the Wheelers Walk estate - young people have had several fires and 'parties' there - and at one point used a motorbike repeatedly across the fields on many days - this seems to have stopped for the time being. This is also the first year for many years that there has been a considerable quantity of rubbish dumped in the brook - it can be seen on my blog here - the Ruscombe Brook Action Group had a clear up on 15th August where in nearly 3 hours 15 or so people cleared the brook - see here.

Some of the incidents have been reported to police but sadly not all so they did not have a full picture - please be sure to report!!

As Randwick Parish Council says in their minutes "residents should: - · report incidents · be mindful of their own security · be vigilant · report the registration numbers of vehicles misusing roads such as Sandpits Lane."

Please report incidents on: 0845 090 1234.

I personally would also be keen to see improved youth facilities - indeed this week had conversations re the problems that Tesco in Paganhill have faced recently. They are apparently also keen to see more done - one suggestion is that if Tesco don't come up with a bus shelter then they could perhaps help fund some activities? I hope also as a result of these issues being more discussed we will have the chance for residents and police to work more closely together on these issues.

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