8 Jul 2009

Falcon, Bugsy Malone, beer and Water forum

Hey apparently a peregrine falcon was spotted on Monday outside Archway School - was this the same one seen two years ago? See here...have others seen it?

...well yesterday apart from the Open Homes meeting mentioned in the last blog I also got to the Randwick Primary School's play to see my partner's granddaughter - the play was Bugsy Malone - certainly some talent there - a little curious as to why this spoof gangster movie was chosen although I understand it ranks 19 in an all-time poll of Musicals above Cats, Phantom and the King and I! After all the splurge guns (specially designed locally by one of the parents to include party poppers) the play ends with all realising they can be friends.....

Also yesterday was the Stroud Valleys Water Forum in the evening - a much shorter meeting as no speaker and unfortunately two of the items there weren't people there to present - a quick round up of the four groups that were present - delighted to hear that BARFF have put in for a whole catchment strategy to be developed across the Stroud valleys - apparently the District Council have supported this bid to the county for funds - this has got to be the way forward and the forum gave it their support - indeed without such a strategy mistakes will be made - already have in the past....we also spent time planning the next meeting where we want to discuss roles of EA plus our meeting planned with District re the Core Strategy but hey I am probably boring folk so call me if you want info about how we are progressing with this!

Anyhow I wanted to confirm that we have a clear up of Ruscombe Brook on Sat 15th Aug and our AGM in Randwick Village Hall on 15th Sept - put the dates in your diary now!

Lastly congrats to Jon Kemp at the Nailsworth Brewery for his Alestock beer which gained best bitter in the South West - described as "more bouncy than a caffiene fueled bunny on a bouncy castle" - with a hint of elderflower - Jon earlier in the year was the brewer behind the Green Knight beer for the Euro elections - see here - he now goes forward to the national competition.

Meanwhile it was also good to see in Stroud Life that Liz Godsell's Single Gloucester cheese has been judged supreme champion of the cheeseboard.

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