8 Jul 2009

Eco-renovation Open Homes set for September

We have an amazing 22 homes opening on 12th and 13th September. This gives us an excellent variety of eco-renovation to show people. We also have The Exchange and Eco-Installers Fair as well as The Elite Efficient Energy showrooms opening.

Cartoon from Russ and photos below of the draft leaflet on Helen Royall's computer

Yesterday I had a meeting with Helen Royall to finalise the draft leaflet (see photos) - the leaflet is looking great. It will be an 8 page booklet and include Russ' cartoon above - the map and the information will hopefully be easier to see than last year and we are looking to launch it at the end of this month. Ecotricity are funding the leaflet - we also hope to have another announcement soon re Ecotricity - and as noted before Stroud District Council have put in some money - and Stroud Town Council and support from Heritage Open Days and others.....

Debbie Hewitt at Stroud District Council has organised another walk and the Graham Stanley from the Glos Minibus Scheme will be driving people round the various homes. Heritage Open Days are also supporting us by putting links on their website and giving householders participating insurance. Good on them - their weekend is the same weekend so folk can combine visits to other homes if they are interested.

I've also got confirmation that the project I was trying to get set up re Energy Monitors is going ahead - they will be available to loan from Stroud, Nailsworth, Stonehouse and Dursley libraries. People will be able to borrow the meters in the same way as they might loan a book or DVD. Severn Wye Energy Agency will be launching the scheme in September in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council. See more here.

Our website is being updated slowly - it lists the homes now but more info coming and it will all be tidied up soon - remember we are volunteers doing this!! See here:

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