14 Jul 2009

Bits and bobs: vacancies on Parish Councils, scrutiny, Julie Andrews, falling over and more

Yesterday was Randwick Schools' sports day and there was no step-grandfathers race so I entered the fathers race - now with my practice run earlier in the year (see Pancake Race here) I was confident of doing well....indeed it all started well but over two-thirds of the way - barely 20 metres from the finish and still in the first pack of the 15 or so runners I slipped....went flying but not far enough to cross the finishing line...picking myself up I did at least finish - last - but uninjured but for pride?

Parent Lucy Davidson was again winner in the women's despite strong competition this year and Reg Cobb for the guys won - well he managed to win by spreading arms out either side of him to ensure his nose crossed the line ahead of two runners either side of him! Of course there were lots of other races for the children from potato and spoon to sack and mat races and more.

Vacancies on Parish Councils - with the sad loss of Michael Lakin Whiteshall and Ruscombe Parish are looking for someone and I've heard recently Calvin Williams is stepping down from Randwick so there will be a vacancy there - v sorry that Cal is stepping down as his enthusiasm for projects like The Wap, Village Hall and more I am sure will be missed on the Council.

Meanwhile I've had a busy few days - Scrutiny last week I've not managed to cover here - lots discussed and somehow I've ended up on two inquiry committees - one on the delegation and the other on climate change - should be very interesting and hopefully very fruitful - we'll see - also now cover Planning and Environmental Health for the Scrutiny meetings with heads of Service - had fun trying to set up meetings when all can attend - dear oh dear it is amazing how long all that takes. Lots more discussed but not for this blog - too much other stuff to do.

Street Lighting - as noted before (see here and here for some background) some lights have been switched off at night since 20th March - not as many as I had hoped for Whiteshill and Ruscombe - this is part of the first phase street lighting scheme in which 50 towns and parishes are involved in. I understand the only complaint has been re lights that were meant to be off and were not off! I understand that has been sorted but any feedback welcomed.

This video is great - nothing to do with Ruscombe Green accept that we need more of this! At the Central Railway Station in Antwerp, Belgium on a Monday morning, with no warning to the passengers passing through the station, a recording of Julie Andrews came over the public address system as the bemused passengers watch in amazement. Don't assume it is unrehearsed. It took 200 dancers and 4 weeks of preparation. Enjoy it. See video here.

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