1 Jun 2009

Stroud's month of art: highest concentration of artists outside London

On Saturday I went to the preview of the Open Studios - a month long festival of art - 300 artists over 83 locations - just amazing! Plus talks and more.

Photos; entrance to SVA with red plants and wacky orange blobs on the walls, entrance mobile and web, the band and Sub Rooms bedecked with those wonderful flags.

It all started Saturday afternoon with a couple of introductory talks, drinks, great nibbles and lots of chat plus a great band, 'Lazy Susan.' The folk who put this month on (Jo, Neil and others I don't know) really deserve huge thanks indeed - it really is quite an extraordinary month with folk coming from miles around to get a taste of Stroud's art...

...I remember the Telegraph once saying Stroud is to art what Hay-on-Wye is to books - I also herad we have more artists here over the area than anywhere outside London - can't quite believe that with places like St Ives but then we do have an incredible richness here - indeed the artists are a crucial part of what makes Stroud 'Stroud'.

On previous blogs I've shared some of the wonders of the artists who exhibit - well this is the 13th year - and old favorites and many new ones - we have seen cuts and threats to funding of our arts - see here and here. Anyone going around this event will see the absurdity of cutting funds which are small by comparison and bring such a vibrance to the town.

Anyhow must dash as meetings to go to but don't miss this month of art. It looks set to be as wonderful as ever!

See more on their website: www.sva.org.uk
And here for the full details, essays and the Open Studios: http://www.sitefestival.org.uk/site09

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