23 Jun 2009

Green bits of interest

Going through my emails I picked out several that might interest....

Photo: view from Whiteshill across to Stroud

What's in a name? There has been much discussion about whether it is better to use Global Warming or Climate Change - or Climate Catastrophe or even Climate chaos to best describe the science and it's impacts....a PR firm in the US says "our deteriorating atmosphere” is what we need to use?? The report’s authors especially like the phrasing, “Local temperatures always fluctuate naturally. But when the 10 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1990, we have a problem.” See more here.

Pluralistic leftwing politics anyone? In 'Labour's rub of the Green?' John Harris writes in The Guardian about Caroline Lucas at the Compass conference - see here - there is room for pluralistic leftwing politics. He concludes - and I agree - "Caroline Lucas, for what it's worth, offered this vision-cum-soundbite: 'Not a big tent, but a campsite of smaller tents.' It's maybe not the greatest of analogies, but I quite like it."

A single issue party? In 'There are many shades of Green' Jenny Jones comes back at Leo Hickman who claims we are a one issue party - see here.

Law and Your Environment - I've just added the link to this website to my blog role - it is a new plain guide to Environmental Law, mainly covering England and Wales. The kind of problems covered are: fly tipping; noisy neighbours; graffiti; litter; dog mess; pollution; planning; wildlife; rights of way. You can find out where to go for help, who the regulator is and how to approach them, how the legal system works, and follow links to the original laws. This is great stuff and hopefully will improve access to environmental law information and empower more people to participate in environmental matters in line with the objectives of the Aarhus Convention 1998. It also promotes a culture of environmental citizenship by providing helpful information on environmental rights and responsibilities.

The Independent on Sunday - two articles by Jonathan Owen on Stroud Greens - the first on Kathy Dimock, aged 101 and Britain's oldest green campaigner - see here and the second featuring John Marjoram at 70 in 'The seven ages of green' - see article here.

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