29 May 2009

Joanna Lumley says vote Green

Joanna Lumley, who shamed Ministers into changing their minds over immigration rights for Gurkha veterans has asked people to cast a vote for the Green Party in the European Elections. She said "I urge you to cast a positive vote for a better future by voting Green in the European elections."

Ricky Knight, lead candidate for the South West and on course to become an Member of the European parliament said, “It is an honour to be endorsed by Joanna Lumley. She has been named as the female personality the public would most like to run the country. Her campaign to get just treatment for Gurkha veterans was overwhelmingly supported by the public.”

Joanna Lumley concluded, "Greens were most likely to bring about real change."

Philip Booth commented: "Abolutely Fabulous!"

Two other 'celebs' who I have time for have also endorsed Greens recently - comedian Mark Thomas - see his video here and in a short film, Frank Cottrell Boyce, the Liverpool-based screenwriter and author - whose acclaimed films include "24 Hour Party People" and "Welcome to Sarajevo" - explains why after voting Labour all his life, he's backing the Greens in this election to stop the BNP in the North West of England.

See links to some of the national coverage re Joanna here.


Anonymous said...

Why the fuck do morons like you think people like me give a shit who Joanna Lumley votes for?

Standards, mate.

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that some people do care.

weggis said...
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weggis said...

"Why the fuck do morons like you think people like me give a shit who Joanna Lumley votes for?"

Why do you assume that the post is directed at "people like you"?