31 Mar 2009

Stroud Valley's Water Forum meets

February we had a first meeting of the flood and brook forum (see more here), then met again Monday night this week - it may well now be called the Stroud Valley's Water Forum. It was great to see so many enthusiastic people wanting to engage and ensure we manage our water more sustainably.

Photo: report from last meeting in Stroud Life

We had discussions about various projects locally - for example concern was raised that works proposed in the Painswick Valley designed to reduce flooding would speed up water and make matters worse downstream - this clearly needs checking out - it does seem the old model and ways of thinking are about trying to get the water out quick rather than looking at ways top slow it down and reduce it's impact further down....

Anyhow I have another meeting in a couple of minutes so will stop there - anyone interested in joining the forum or hearing more do please contact me on 755451. We are still exploring how best to proceed and clarifying our aims - as for me the most important roles include providing support to individuals and groups re flooding, water, sewage etc. Having an input to the 'Core Strategy' which is out now (more in a blog soon on that) and other planning stuff to ensure an holistic approach to water is developed across the Stroud Valleys - plus support of particular projects that further the aims of the forum....others I know would also like to see a water quality standard adopted, poss a paid coordinator of the group and more. Doorbell ringing so will stop now!

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