31 Mar 2009

Did you visit Stroud Eco-Renovation Homes project last year?

If you visited one of the homes last year please read on....we need your help...yesterday I had a meeting about the Open Homes project and today was at Ecotricity to see how we could work together on this year's event.

Cartoon by Russ

It is great to be able to confirm that Transition Towns 'Eco-Renovation Open Homes' for Stroud will return on the weekend 12th/13th Sept 2009. We have already secured some funding from the District Council and Stroud Town Council. Helen Royall will be coordinating the event and is already busy pulling it together. See last year's homes and more about the project here.

I am also involved in a national move to develop this pioneering project across the country. Stroud was one of the first three or four that ran an Open Homes events last year and I have had a number of telephone conferences with similar projects and a big bid nationally for funding is now being made. Part of this bid involves doing a survey to assess what people have done since their Open Days, and other events.

So a request - if you visited any of the homes last year please complete the 'Eco-renovation events survey'. We're wanting to find what people have learnt, what they've done and what would help them take their next step. It’s all online, anonymous, and won't take longer than 5 minutes. You can do the survey online here:

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