14 Mar 2009

Porritt launches Green party Euro campaign

Last night South West Greens launched their European election campaign with the help of Cheltenham-based Jonathon Porritt who is the Chair of the Government's Sustainable Development Commission.

Photo: Ricky Knight, lead Euro candidate at a Green part conference a while back

I sadly missed it but have already received several reports - it was good to hear that Porritt gave a ringing endorsement of the South-West's Green party Euro list and welcomed his freedom to express his support for the party publicly now that his term as Government advisor is drawing to a close. Jonathon joined the six candidates in Bristol as they place their bid to get the South West its first Green MEP. The campaign launch focused on how voters have a real chance to elect a Green MEP due to the fairer voting system used for the European elections on June 4th this year.

Explaining why you should vote Green, Jonathon said: "If you dithered about voting for the Green Party before, what can possibly be stopping you this time round? Our two MEPs are the best in the European Parliament, and make a real and lasting difference. We've been proved right on every major issue over the last 20 years or more. We're facing a total meltdown of the global economy, and climate change is running away with us – and nobody’s doing very much about it. So in terms of voting Green: if not now, when exactly? And if not you, why not?"

See press release that I have sent out today here with quotes from Ricky Knight, the lead Green candidate in SW and Stroud's Molly Scott Cato. See also here Ricky on the streets of Gloucester this week.


Joe said...

Because when Greens engage with the party political system, they become *part* of the party political system. Like Jonathon Porritt himself, who won't answer an email query about Fair Shares, the organisation he is patron of.

Show me anyone that has successfully ran for a political post who isn't afraid to speak his or her mind on at least one subject, if not several?

Never compromise. *Especially* in the face of armageddon.

Philip Booth said...

I agree that it can be hard to be in the political system and not become part of it - it is a discussion Greens have frequently - compromise is rightly part of some aspects of political life - but it is where you draw the line - we cannot afford for example to compromise on the threat of climate change.

There are some excellent examples of politicians that speak their mind and haven't compromised on the key issues - take Green Caroline Lucas MEP voted Ethical Politician of the year - and for that matter Jean Lambert MEP who has been named named Justice and Human Rights MEP.

Chloe said...

If anyone missed the coverage on Points West - here's the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0KeyT6GZqk

Chloe said...

If anyone missed the coverage on Points West - here's the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0KeyT6GZqk