15 Mar 2009

Blog on holiday and pot holes

I wont be updating this blog properly until the end of the month. Too much computer screen so I am giving it a rest - I have plans for the garden and more. I have also changed the 'Comment' setting so that they wont be added until I return to blogging (this is after having over 60 adverts added one time previously). However I have scheduled a couple of blogs in my absence so it will not be all quiet here...

Photo: Puckshole - road was a river for many months before finally being fixed last year but already it is showing signs of considerable wear

Last year, Gloucestershire Highways fixed 25,000 holes in the road many of which were notified through the county council's potholes hotline and made safe within 24 hours. It might not seem like that to some folk as there are still many that need fixing. The trouble is that temperatures of -8C and a higher than average number of gritting runs has led to exceptional damage.

The County are wanting folk to phone in or go online and report holes as there are so many new ones. They have a hotline telephone number 08000 514 514 and a simple online form at:

Potholes can cause damage to cars if they are hit at any speed, but how will we be able to continue to pay for them to be fixed on our vast network of roads? See one of my previous comments on pot holes here.

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