15 Feb 2009

Citizen columnist again sheds doubt on climate change

england_shrunkThis letter below is my response to Martin Kirby's column in The Citizen where he again sheds doubt on Climate Change.

Photo: artists view of Britain shrunk after climate change raises seawater

Martin Kirby blames the failure of the country to prepare for the recent cold weather on the Green party for making our Government obsessed with global warming (Citizen 9/02/09). If only we had such influence. Sadly his suggestion is deeply dangerous, as throwing doubt on climate change disempowers people to take the actions needed to avoid climate catastrophe.

Greens that have long been warning that climate change means more unpredictable and extreme weather including snow. Indeed despite the recent weather scientists are predicting 2009 could be in the top-five warmest on record. As the Met Office have said: "Anyone who thinks global warming has stopped has their head in the sand. The evidence is clear, the long-term trend in global temperatures is rising, and humans are largely responsible for this rise. Global warming does not mean that each year will be warmer than the last."

Recent research shows we face a greater and more imminent threat than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's peer reviewed analysis by 2,500 of the world's top climate scientists (see here comment in Telegraph yesterday). They are begging for immediate action. Why are we not acting?

There are signs of hope, but the reality is that the three main parties are still failing us very badly. Where are their policies that get serious about climate change? Where is the support to help people make the necessary choices like better public transport and insulation? Where is the debate about the underlying insanity and unsustainability of our economic system? We face an unprecedented challenge: we can all do our bit but we must get moving.

Cllr. Philip Booth, Stroud District Green Party.

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