15 Feb 2009

Alternative transport system launched

The Fellowtravellers' website has been launched and I wish it well - it is an alternative transport system that according to their website "puts control of public transport in the hands of the people who use it – by enabling users to create new bus, minibus and shared-taxi routes which meet real need; and by raising efficiency, economy, and reliability across the board." See more here.

We need all these projects to explore ways we can escape carmageddon. There is some good news - traffic growth is less than previous forecasts, and CO2 emissions are forecast to remain level. However the bad news - yes emissions ought to be reduced by 80% by 2050, and remaining level until 2025 does not deliver that.
Download 62 page full report here.

That really is bad news....

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michael said...

Hi Phil & thanks for the plug. I need a little support with the next phase of fellowtravellers. Please drop me a line & I'll tell you more.