5 Jan 2009

James Christian: make maths easy and don't fluoridate!

As regular blog readers will know I have occasionally picked on local folk and highlighted them. Today is the turn of James Christian who lives in Ruscombe and apart from being a home tutor also teaches maths - he has a new website that is under construction here - in fact all it has at the moment, is his telephone number, but I am assured more is coming soon.

James is also Chair of the Safe Water Campaign for Gloucestershire - see here. It looks like this year could be busy in the fight against water fluoridation as just down the road in Bristol, Dr Hugh Annett, the Director of Public Health there, is proposing a scheme.

At the moment we are all waiting the results of a so-called consultation in Hampshire about whether to fluoridate there - there was a massive rejection by the public - see more here and their campaign blog here. Your questions re fluoride answered here. Gloucestershire Safe Water Campaign members even made a visit down there to support the campaign as there are real concerns that if Hampshire are successful then it will make it easier in other areas.

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