5 Jan 2009

Gaza: Join us at vigil in Stroud

Like many I have been horrified by the situation in Gaza. I have just been sending out a news release regarding a large peace vigil planned for Stroud High Street 11.30-12.30 this Saturday 10th January. Infact read the press release as I am shocked that the EU seems to be planning to reward Israel rather than sanction the actions.

Photos: I unexpectedly had a half day off work and rather than sit in front of the computer here I went for a wonderful walk in the winter wonderland of Standish Woods this afternoon

At the weekend some 50,000 protesters were in London and numerous others around the country - I heard from Green party colleagues re demos in places like Hull - 300 people and even 60 in Tunbridge Wells!

Astonishingly Israel makes claims for being the healthiest democracy in the Middle East - yet it now joins North Korea, Zimbabwe and Burma in denying media access to large parts of this story. As journalists have commented Israel has transformed the entire Gaza Strip into a closed military zone. And that (in case anyone needs reminding) is when the Gaza Strip is not even part of Israel, and Israeli forces have no right to do anything on the Strip's territory at all, or to besiege it as they were doing before the latest aggression.

I am sure that in years to come there will be the realisation among some Israelis that there is no alternative to a negotiated and fair settlement with the Palestinians, both in the West Bank and Gaza. The horrors of this disaster must surely hasten that realisation?

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