20 Nov 2008

Telephone conference on opening eco-homes around the country

I've just finished an 80 minute long telephone conference talking with other projects around the country who opened homes to encourage eco-renovation. Regular blog readers will know that I coordinated the Stroud Open Homes weekend where 12 homes were opened along with Randwick Village Hall to show off renewables and energy efficiencies.

I recently wrote a report here on the Stroud project - it was very great to hear the enthusiasm from the other projects. Here is a list of the participants - it was great that the main participants of this initiative were all present:

- Jo Hamilton - ClimateXchange coordinator, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University Centre for the Environment
- George Marshall and Antonia Hund-Goeschel (Ecovation Project Manager), The Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN)
- Philip Booth - Transition Stroud
- Diana Berriman - Llanidloes Energy Solutions / Open Days
- Mischa Hewitt - Low Carbon Trust - Brighton and Hove Eco-Homes
- John Doggart - Sustainable Energy Academy
- Robert Swinfen - Glasgow Ecorenovation Network

We started by introducing ourselves and the projects we've been involved with, reflected on our Open Days experiences: evaluation, sharing what we've learnt - and looked at plans we have for the future - eg national roll-out. How best could this happen? Is it a good idea? I'll talk more about these plans in a future blog - another telephone conference is planned for next month. At the moment we are still seeking a coordinator and funding for another Open Homes project next year locally. Any help welcomed!!

The call was excellent quality and brilliantly provided by Community Network - see more about this ethical company: http://www.community-network.org/

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