12 Sep 2008

Join us for World Peace Day in Stroud

The International Day of Peace
Sunday 21st September is the International Day of Peace as designated by the United Nations and campaigned for by Peace One Day. The intention of the UN resolution is to have the entire world observe a day of peace and nonviolence - with all peoples and organizations commemorating the day in the ways they see fit.

Here in Stroud we will be marking the day with a World Peace Flag Ceremony in front of the Sub Rooms at 3pm - every flag of every country and more needs a flag bearer - 197 flags in total - all handmade by Japanese women praying as they make them - it takes the group a year to make a set - the flags will be presented and we will send our thoughts and sincere wishes for peace to prevail in all nations. Could you be a flag bearer? Call David Cooper on 756569.

I'm going with a group of children from the Elfin Woodcraft group - and last night we met for the first time since the summer holidays - I was leader this week - we rotate as we can't find a parent willing to organise every week - infact it works great - anyhow after the welcome back, welcoming new members and some cooperative games we then spent part of the evening tying string around T-shirts that will then be tie-dyed - hopefully some of the 15 children will wear them at the ceremony on 21st. Do join us if you are a group or individual - it is apparently a very moving experience.

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