13 Sep 2008

First carbon neutral village hall

The Randwick Village Hall Committee have researched other village halls and it seems Randwick is the first carbon neutral in this country!

Photos: Randwick Village Hall - solar panels on roof - and in one photo area where the heat pump has been buried outside - plus a photo of some of the photos in the exhibit of works to the hall and one of people looking at the heat pump earlier today.

The previous blogs have covered the opening of the hall this morning and the results of the poster competition - there will be more on the Open Homes (more homes with renewable energy open tomorrow) but this blog has some basic info of the the measures taken on the hall...see stuff re the insulation, heat pump and solar PV here.

Alan Tomlinson has also produced an excellent hand out re the hall - hopefully that will also go on the website soon.

Well all the work was completed a little over two weeks ago - although there are still more plans like an extension at the front for toilets - there is also a possibility of more PV panels?

One feature I like is the meters outside the front entrance that not only give info re the PV cells and heat pump but also the amount of carbon saved.

It was great to see that over 400 people turned up to see the hall and the exhibitions inside - it was good to be able to talk to a whole collection of experts and find out what grants etc might be available.

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