13 Sep 2008

Cashes Green Hospital site consultation

Today was also the Cashes Green Hospital site consultation and they had a good crowd of folks at Cashes Green School. I joined them to find out more about progress from consultants there - as regular readers of this blog will know movement on this project has been far too slow.

Photos; some of the very draft plans and photos from LDA Design to give a feel of what the site could be like

I wont go into the twists and turns of why the delays have occured - nor all the politics (lots of disappointments along the way - see for example here) - although I am disappointed that the Land Trust look set to only have 30 to 50% of the site for their project - see my blog entry here for more re the proposals re a land trust.

Gloucestershire Land for People is a community land trust CLT which had originally hoped to own the site in perpetuity on behalf of the community and lease it out for affordable housing, land for growing, and/or workspace. They were also hoping to pioneer Mutual Home Ownership - a new form of tenure that seeks to increase the supply of affordable intermediate market housing without requiring a major increase in capital investment from Government. Unlike other forms of low cost home ownership, it is designed to remain permanently affordable and not move out into the open market.

Anyhow it looks like there are to be 70 to 80 homes on the site with an area for 25 allotments - although it sounds like some of that might be community gardens - they are thinking seriously to design crime out of the picture - that means care re where footpaths etc are put - it is also to be a high specification re energy efficiency and have a Sustainable Urban Drainage System on the site.

They are suggesting a square at one point and opening up the brook - it all looked very exciting - and outline planning will go in this January!! I would write more but that DVD is calling - and a glass of wine!

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