22 Jul 2008

Victory on basketball ring

See most recent blog on basketball here for background. On that blog entry I was concerned to learn that Stratford Park might loose it's basketball rings - I sought info from the District Council Officers and indeed it appears it was threatened certainly for the summer. However in addition to the letter I wrote several letters were received by the Council from users of the basketball there including at leats one from a Ruscombe resident.

Photo: sent by a friend but no name of photographer - apols for that lack of credit - do feel sorry for that little chick being sat on!

I have since met with one of the Officers and it seems we have a victory - this is what I got yesterday: "Just to let you know that one of the Basketball rings is being installed between the new ‘Skateboard Park’ (which is now due to be completed in mid August) and the bottom tennis courts by this Wednesday. The plan is then to put down some basket ball markings on the grass surface in the next week or so, whilst a scheme is being drawn up to put down a hard surface of roughly half court size. This will probably take place in September when the students have returned to School or College."

Well done to those who wrote in and well done to the Council for listening.

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