6 Jul 2008

Transition library launched

A project I've been involved in for a while finally came to fruition on Saturday. I joined several Transition Stroud supporters to launch a new section of Stroud Library. We have created a display of books relating to climate change and Peak Oil that can be borrowed in the same way as other library books.

Photo: Helen Royall cuts the red ribbon

This is a way (we hope) to reach out to a wider group of people than just those who already are interested in issues like climate change. I have been collecting bags of books for many weeks - indeed the front entrance of my house has been getting more and more difficult to negotiate. Now they are in the library - I made a short speech to announce the opening and then Helen Royall, Coordinator of Transition Stroud, cut the red ribbon. Already several books were requested, but both Helen and I managed to be first and second to take out DVDs from this new section....then more coffee at Star Anise....

I'm hoping other Transition groups might also take up this idea - and the TS books could poss also go on tour in Glos to other areas where their are Transition Towns getting established - indeed a point I made to Head of Libraries in the County is that they should be supporting Glos County Council policies like raising awareness about how to tackle climate change.

See press release and more details and photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Already been to visit - a great selection of books esp on peak oil