4 Jul 2008

Glos Pride 2008: 9th August

Gloucestershire Pride will be 9th August this year - see their website here for more details and see their great MySpace site here (I did even see a couple of photos of myself on the 2006 march - see also label below for previous blogs on this). Hopefully we will once again see the Rainbow Flag fly at Ebley Mill and the Sub-Rooms (see here). I sadly can't make Pride this year - but it is well worth supporting with a great line up of stuff - meanwhile this Saturday is London Pride 2008 - the largest Pride event in the UK with 500,000 expected participants.

This week the European Commission adopted a proposal for a new law which will provide protection from discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, as well as age, disability and religion or belief, beyond the workplace. The new legislation will bring anti-discrimination legislation on sexual orientation into line with existing laws on race, ethnic origin and gender.

At last! And while it is great to see these events that celebrate the freedom of the LGBT community in this country, we must not be complacent about fighting for equal rights for all. As this blog has highlighted in many countries across Europe people still face discrimination and abuse as a result of their sexual orientation. Indeed while the European Union has in this case acted on the demands of European citizens, it still remains to be seen whether all member states will support the new proposals."

Eurobarometer surveys show that a large majority of Europeans support such legislation. 77 per cent back measures to protect people from discrimination in education and 68 per cent in access to goods and services.

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