3 Jun 2008

Flood art

One of the exhibitions I saw on Sunday at the opening of the site 08 festival and open studios was Richard Dean's 'Flood'. this is an "Exhibition of maps of the new world when the world has warmed and sea levels have risen to an extent not seen for 5o million years."

Here are three examples of his work - UK, France and Stroud - reproduced here by permission - indeed Richard was offering to have one for the walls of the national Green party office.

Certainly these maps are a wonderful way of encouraging people to talk and think about the implications of global warming....

....it was interesting watching people's reactions and hearing about some of them from from Richard....one person I heard said: "Oh my God our home in France is underwater, do you think we should sell?" While others were disbelieving or saying this was exaggerated - others acknowledging this was one scenario....anyhow go and see!


Russ said...

that is kind of scary, but that must show the full 170 odd meter rise, with full sea level rise.

"…….If this acceleration remains constant, then the 1990 to 2100 rise would range from 280 to 340 mm"


and as you can see from this map


that is a lot less flooding.

still, I wish politicians would do a bit more.

It IS a time bomb, and perhaps the full flood, pictured in the blog article, will eventually happen.

I hope this doesn't stop people cutting down on their carbon emissions, but I was relieved to see we had quite a while until London is becomes an "Atlantis"

Take a look at Ecotricity's site. They offer to match the price for electricity in the area.

quote from Ecotricity website:
"We don't believe you should pay a premium price for switching to Ecotricity. That's why with our New Energy tariff we promise to match the standard price of each regional supplier"

Philip Booth said...

You are right that this is not what is being predicted at the moment by scientists - I think the artist is hoping to provoke a discussion and thoughts about this - and indeed it is scary - sometimes scary can lead to action but quite often scary can be disempowering if it comes in isolation.

Some people seeing the pics were visibly shocked - offering something positive is crucial.

A shift to Ecotricity (or Good Energy) is one way to do that - thanks for pointing it out - both offer the Green party a donation if you note us - see more:

Anonymous said...

Think we could do with more of this sort of art.