23 Jun 2008

Anger at Government pushing GM

I have to say I continue to be outraged by our Government pushing GM in Europe - here's Nailsworth-based councillor Fi Macmillan's letter to local press today:

Indeed as SW Euro-lead Green candidate Cllr Ricky Knight (pictured) said: “Existing conflict over GMOs in the EU can only be solved if both the European Council and the European Commission put the precautionary principle at the heart of their decision making. The current system, whereby in the absence of a qualified majority in the Council, the Commission simply gives the green light to GMOs, is undemocratic and utterly unacceptable." All the more reason to get Greens into the EU next year!

Take action to email your MP here and stop them for falling for the GM hype:

And talking of Europe and GMOs there was the recent meeting in Rome to tackle the current and worsening global food crisis at the Food and Agriculture Organization Summit. The state and government elites that met were not able to reach agreement on how to give the practical help desperately needed by the 850m of the World's Citizens estimated to be currently facing hunger and starvation - much less on how to take preventive measures so that rising food prices do not effect millions more people in every continent. Where were the meaningful increases in emergency aid? Or plans to fulfil the financial promises that they have repeatedly made to reach Millennium Development Goal 8 (0.51% GDP for development cooperation by 2010, 0.7% by 2015)? Where were the urgent measures to deal with the threat to food security and human health posed by Agrofuels and GMOs?

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