15 Jul 2016

This is an excellent time to hide bad news

As an unelected Prime Minister takes up residence in 10 Downing Street without any democratic direction on the nature of post-referendum negotiations and the country watches the dramatic Labour leadership battle, the government is relying on us being so distracted that we don’t notice anything else.

The UN has found the Conservative government’s austerity measures and social security reform to be in breach of international human rights obligations.

Key areas of concern include

  • persistent discrimination against migrant workers
  • unemployment, which continues to disproportionately affect people with disabilities
  • young people and minorities
  • lack of corporate regulation
  • the use of zero hour contracts
  • the new Trade Union Act, which limits the right of workers to undertake industrial action
  • the national minimum wage has been found to be insufficient to ensure a decent standard of living
  • there has been a significant rise in homelessness
  • the Human Rights Act is still being scrapped
  • the number of children living in poverty has jumped by 200,000 in the last year. This means 3.9 million children are now living below the breadline in this country
Yesterday’s report by the Committee on Climate Change found that the government is unprepared to deal with the effects of climate change. It is predicted that global warming will hit UK with deadly heatwaves, more flooding and water shortages. Meanwhile we're still filling the oceans with plastic, and employing disasterous farming methods that are destroying our soils and wildlife.

The country is burning. We are in a state of crisis.

This is all being buried under Brexit headlines. As the increasingly farcical spectacle that is modern day British politics continues to unfold, we cannot forget that there are still injustices to be fought. Right now. Today.

In these times of uncertainty, the Green Party remains united. Whoever is in charge, we know what we stand for. We will continue to fight for social justice, migrants’ rights and weaning our country off its addiction to fossil fuels. Help us do this. Become a member or renew your membership today.

Natalie Bennett
Green Party of England & Wales

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