6 May 2008

Lightwood Lane troubles

I have just written to Highways re Lightwood Lane following residents concerns raised with Randwick Parish.

Photo; view of Randwick - did have one of the Lane but seems to have mysteriously disappeared for the moment!

There was a turning bay on this lane on someones private land that has now been closed up. This means that any thing larger than a Land Rover can't get back out even in reverse. Apparently last week two ambulances trying to get a couple of girls who got themselves totally drunk in the wood have got stuck and two overhead line repair vehicles have been stuck in the lane for over 10 hours. I last heard that a specialist recovery team from Taylors of Woodford are still trying to get them back up to a point where they can reverse by themselves back along to Randwick.

Clearly something needs to be done to stop larger vehicles from unknowingly entering the lane from which they can no longer turn or reverse out. I understand some residents consider that the current signage at the Randwick end of their lane is not strong enough given the recent closure of the unauthorised turning area lower down the lane. Indeed there are no signs at the Randwick end of the Lane except a "No through road" sign and anyone delivering to the properties along there with a largish vehicle would enter unaware of the extreme narrowness steepness and condition of the lane in so many places let alone the lack of any turning space. It is worth noting that it is not an issue at the Ruscombe end up from Zion Hill as there is a sign saying "Footpath only" and "No Vehicles except for access" and at that point clearly only a car or Land Rover at best could squeeze along the track.

I recommend stronger warnings at the entrance to the Lane promptly added regarding the size of vehicles and limitations of the lane.

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Philip said...

Just got this:

I would fully support improving the road signs but we know from Lower Street that drivers dont always believe them. Prehaps making the entire lane a Bridelway may help get the message across (providing that the tarmack surface is still maintained). I regularly run along the lane and can not say that I know where this turning point that people are claiming to have been blocked is. There has been some fencing work at the house that is just inside Ruscombe which may have restricted its drive but it was never of a size or standard that would be suitable for an official turning circle. The solution is to stop heavy vehicals entering in the first place. I wonder if this is a sat nav induced problem.