24 Jan 2008

What a waste of waste

The more I hear the more I am concerned the County Council are going to make a very bad decision regarding our waste.

Photos: Green District councillors meeting on Monday in Star Anise and below the 'waste cone'

Anyhow on Monday the five Green District councillors met for their regular slot to look at a whole load of issues - waste being one of them - indeed as regular blog readers will know I've been helping put together a policy document - the summary of which I posted on the Glos Green website yesterday.

It is very worrying that all the indications are that the County is moving ever forward towards a monster incinerator at Stonehouse to cope with all the County's waste - there is even the likelihood that they will set ridiculously low targets for recycling like only 50% - other places are already at 70% and more - if we have a low target then we will have to burn for many years stuff we should be recycling - worse still if we don't keep providing the waste the contracts mean we are fined. Anyhow the issue comes to SDC Cabinet on 31st and the good news is that at least in Stroud some sense is prevailing - although not sure how we can stand up to other 5 Districts and County? We will see but Greens will be working hard to ensure no monster incinerator!

See summary of our local Green party policy here and don't forget the Coffee House Discussion tomorrow on waste - see here.

What else was on the agenda at the District councillors meeting?

Lots of stuff - but to give a flavour here were some of the agenda items: the vision thing, Kirklees, SDCs independent Climate Change Panels recommendations and how they will be implemented, a possible Zero Carbon conference, the Planning Document consultations (including Housing Design, Brimscombe, Sustainable Communities Strategy), Canal consultation, SDCs Regeneration Strategy, Shared Spaces Public consultation (Sub rooms 31st Jan), SDC Contract inquiry and the budget - indeed tonight at Full Council is the Councils budget meeting.

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Rob Windstrel Watson said...

Surely, in this day and age, a solution can be found other than a monster incinerator.

The thought of the fumes going needlessly up into the air we breath, year after year, is most unpleasant.