19 May 2016

Caroline Lucas on yesterdays' Queens Speech

Just seen this from Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party) commenting on yesterday's speech:

All of this talk of a ‘one nation’ Queen’s Speech is a meaningless side show from a Government intent on dividing this country with its relentless pursuit of austerity. Just a few months ago we had another eye watering budget – and further cuts to local services are now hitting hard. The idea that the Government can build social reform on the carcass of a gutted welfare state is a fallacy.

The Queen’s Speech offers nothing beyond platitudes on climate change. We needed to see a serious commitment to low carbon infrastructure but instead all that’s been offered is more hot air and warm words from a Government that’s lost its footing on the most pressing issue of our time.

Proposed prison reforms simply won’t address the crisis we’re facing. After years of cuts – and with staffing levels critical- we badly need investment to make the prison service work better. Beyond that is the urgent need for the Government to focus on cutting the prison population – a policy which must start with a rethink of our approach to drug addiction.

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