8 Feb 2016

Stroud Food Surplus Café

Recently there has been a lot in the press about how supermarkets throw away mounds of food waste. Between them, Asda, Co-operative Food, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose – accounting for around 87% of the UK grocery market – were responsible for the disposal of 200,000 tonnes of food in 2013. This just doesn't make sense when so many people are being forced to visit Food Banks.

Stroud Food Surplus Café aims to help redress the imbalance in our food system by reclaiming surplus food and transforming it into delicious healthy meals for all.

On Valentine's Day they are holding a  truly romantic Valentines Best Before Bistro at The Socialight on Sunday, 14th February at 6pm, on a Pay As You Feel Basis.

All money raised will be reinvested in the project and go towards intercepting food from local supermarkets, restaurants, and shops in Stroud and the Five Valleys in the future.

The entire 4 course meal will be created from suplus food that would have otherwise have been thrown into landfill, so settle down for a lovely romantic meal whilst feeding #belliesnotbins - vegetarian, vegan and meat options will be catered for.

You have an option to dine communally or at your own private table. As with all of our events - children are welcome. And as it's Valentine's Day, alcohol will be available for purchase.

Use the form to register your place. Registration is required for entry. Spaces are limited, so please be sure to reserve now!

38 degrees currently have a petition to make supermarkets give all unsold food to charity which you may like to sign.

Supermarkets, however,  contributed to just 1.3% of all food waste in the UK in 2013. We all need to waste less food ourselves.

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