8 Nov 2015

Join the demo against the incinerator contract

From GlosVAIN
Update 13th Nov: here is film of protest: http://stroudcommunity.tv/incinerator-protest/

Here's Jojo Mehta writing: "This coming Wednesday 11th November, Gloucestershire County Council's cabinet will be meeting to consider adjusting the incinerator contract with UBB - yes, the one we still haven't seen - to enable building to start earlier than anticipated, i.e. early spring 2016 rather than summer (Contrary to articles you may have read in the local press this has not already been decided upon).

"And here's the puzzling part: they are proposing to allocate £17 million "from revenue reserves" to the incinerator project upfront to get it built faster, bringing the total handed to UBB - before a spade is lifted - to over £30 million. The spin is that it will be cheaper in the long run. But hang on a minute - cheaper than what?  That same £17 million could (for example) have the Community R4C recycling plant up, running and processing so-called "residual" waste as a resource for further recycling and renewable fuel.  And at £10 million per annum cheaper than incineration"

This makes no sense. Are GCC cabinet trying to rush stuff before the Information Commissioner forces those redacted details into the light of day or what?

Please join me in emailing your county councillor (super simple - pop your postcode in here: https://www.writetothem.com/) and also the leader of the council, Mark Hawthorne (mark.hawthorne@gloucestershire.gov.uk)

Then me with 38 Degrees, GlosVAIN, Toxin Free citizens, Green Party members and concerned local residents in front of Shire Hall at 9.30am on Wednesday to express your concerns.

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